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Who are we?

A little bit about us…

We are a small and very passionate team of marketing specialists that live, breath and eat digital marketing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Our digital marketing agency is based out of Sydney, Australia and is creatively lead by Founder, Martin Wilkins. His experience extends from over 15 years in Sales, Business Development and Marketing across Government, Healthcare and Start-ups.

Our experienced team has been creating digital campaigns for small and large businesses for close to 20 years in total. Using our technical knowledge and hands-on experience we’re now helping small businesses optimize their digital marketing and automation strategies, so they can concentrate on what they do best. 

Martin Wilkins

Martin Wilkins


Why Us

We understand that every business is unique, has their own story to tell and a specific business challenge they need to overcome whether it’s getting more qualified leads, boosting sales, brands awareness or simply having a solid online presence.

Before we get even close to starting on the fun stuff (digital marketing) we need to understand your business, your pain-points and what keeps you up at night so we can come back to you with real-life solutions. 

It’s all in our name – Q6.

What’s Q6 mean?

We’re glad you asked. But we’re also pretty sure you know the answer, too.  

The Q6 methodology is simple in theory, but very powerful in effect. It is a fundamental framework for research, analysis and problem-solving. Remember the 5W’s & 1H that we learned at school and/ or University?

Who. What. Why. Where. When & How

We use it in all our processes as it helps us to remain laser-focused on delivering on tailored strategies and campaigns for your brand.

That’s what we meant when we said, it’s in our name!

REady to make a real change?

Let’s Build this Thing Together!

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Helping brands build, grow and scale their business through data-driven marketing strategies.

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