7 Reasons your business needs Video Marketing In 2017

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Video player on tabletWith the business world is advancing at cutthroat pace, companies are turning to Video Marketing to keep up with latest trends in order to stay relevant. Video content has already been widely incorporated into marketing strategies of businesses in all sectors, and 2016 saw 61% of companies adopting this marketing tool. Just a year ago, 66% of these companies hadn’t been using this platform.
This statistic shows the vast popularity of video marketing in the digital world, with the trend expected to reach new heights in 2017.

Here are seven key reasons why video can revolutionize your marketing strategy in 2017:

1. Video marketing increases customer conversions

The biggest purpose of your marketing strategy is to convert audience into customers. Incorporating video marketing into your marketing messages helps you do just that. It’s pretty simple, when you think about it: people would rather watch audio-visual demonstrations about your product than read large chunks of text explaining its features.

Embedding videos on your landing page can help boost conversions by 80%. [Unbound]

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2. Develops stronger connection with audience

Digital marketing is all about making an emotional connection with the internet community. A video can send a powerful marketing message that resonates with your audience. It is considered as the king of digital marketing as it uses elements like body language, facial expressions, colours and visuals to establish a connection.
With written content, the reader cannot visualize the product properly. But with videos, they get to see what the product looks like, how it works and what it offers them. This increases their chances of actually buying the product.

74% of users tend to buy products and services after watching explainer videos. [Wyzowl]


3. Helps build trust

Trust is the key to brand loyalty and increased sales. The main aim of marketing is to enable you to foster lifelong relationships with your customers. Profit maximization should not be your biggest goal. Instead, you should focus on creating value for the audience by providing them with useful and interesting information. Your marketing message should be a mix of informative and persuasive. A video can help you achieve a balanced combination of both.
A well-made video both educates and persuades the audience. It plays on their emotions by giving them something tangible to connect with and put their trust in. Many people still hesitate to buy products online for fear of internet scams. With video marketing, you have the chance to address your prospects in a personalized way that will help to inspire trust and loyalty.

Videos can engage, inspire and ignite powerful emotions in people. They have become key influencers in today’s digital age. By incorporating videos into your 2017 marketing strategy, you have the ability to engage and interact with your customers on a deeper level.

52% of users tend to become more confident buying online after watching product videos. [Hootsuite]


4. Removes confusion

2016 saw many cutting-edge innovations. It’s safe to say that 2017 will see even more. Users love technology, but it can sometimes be hard to keep up with the unceasing pace. If you are planning to launch a new product or adding innovative upgrades to existing products, the an effective way to educate and market them is through video.
It can be hard to explain certain technical aspects using written content. However, a video demonstrating the features will go a long way in removing any confusions users may have about your product.

98% of users have reported watching explainer videos to learn more about the products they buy. [Wyzowl]


5. Helps to improve SEO

Well-planned video marketing content can give a major boost to your website’s SEO ranking. Embedding videos increases the time users spend on your website, brings more traffic, and builds trust. This signals to Google’s algorithms that your site has good content, thus pushing up your search rankings significantly.

Websites containing videos are 53% more likely to show up in first-page Google results. [Moovly]

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6. Increases visibility

Videos can be easily shared across the various social media, thus boosting your visibility and allowing you to expand your customer base. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become hugely popular forums for digital marketing in 2016, and videos will continue to be among the most shared content on these platforms.

“In 2017, video content will constitute 74% of online traffic”. [Syndacast]

“Videos are the most tweeted content on Twitter, exceeding photos by six times and GIFs by three times”.[ClickZ]


7. High click-through rates

Video ads are expected to skyrocket in 2017. The average CTR of video ads (1.84%) is the highest of any digital ad format. By creating advertisements in video format, you have the ability to gain massive viewership and visibility for your company and your product(s).

“Completion rate for 15-second non-skippable video ads is 92%”. [Points Group]


In summary….

The vast potential of video marketing in 2017 cannot be denied. It is no doubt one of the most versatile, affordable and profitable marketing tools of today. All smart and goal-oriented companies plan to incorporate video content into their marketing strategies for 2017.

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Martin Wilkins is the founder and managing director of Q6 Digital. His passion for emerging technologies and eye for creative detail helps Q6 Digital's clients bridge the gap between traditional & digital marketing which results in positive marketing ROI.

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