6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

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Whether large or small in scale, all businesses have jumped on the digital marketing bandwagon. 2016 especially has been a year when businesses have strategically marketed their products online and have consciously worked towards creating an attractive online image. For this purpose, they have made use of different digital marketing tools and methods. But what about 2017? What marketing trends will prove to be fruitful and popular in the market in the coming year?

Of course, knowledge of future marketing trends is important for businesses if they are to effectively reach out to their customers and increase sales. The better you are able to decode the complexities of the digital world, to understand the digital technology users, the better you will be able to stay ahead of the game.

Since this information is essential for businesses to succeed, we have compiled a list of 6 digital marketing trends for 2017. These will help you prepare a market plan that is in sync with the ever changing nature of the marketing world:

1. Video Ads

Although it is not a new trend, 2017 will see a marked increase in the circulation of video ads on the internet. Video Ads can be widely viewed on popular social media sites like Facebook and YouTube already but there have been reports of Google’s plans to enter the video advertising market with its in-SERP video advertising feature. This will change the entire game in the digital marketing world. The fact that google is willing to bring in such innovations only goes on to show the ever-increasing popularity and acceptance of video advertising amongst internet and other digital technology users. It would then be safe to expect this trend to continue and surface in varying forms in the coming year.

2. Mobile over desktop

It is no big news that smart phones have taken over our digital lives. Gone are the days of relying on desktops for internet usage. And smart phones will only continue to dominate internet usage in the future. This is evident from the fact that any and every website that is not optimized for mobiles is known to eventually lose favor with search engines, like Google, and ultimately with internet users as well. The increasing reliance on smart phones and the decreasing utility of desktops should be enough for any intelligent entrepreneur to consider making a move towards internet marketing that focuses on mobile devices. Hence, in 2017, marketers should first and foremost work towards Mobile Search Optimization, if they really do intend on reaching more people.

3. Apps

Although we’re nowhere near replacing websites with mobile phone applications, dedicated applications for different businesses and organizations are on the rise. With more mobile phone usage, more and more business owners and digital marketers are recognizing the potential these dedicated apps hold in terms of marketing. A dedicated application is accessible and convenient for the target audience. It also offers any features that a mobile-optimized website for the business would have. So there is nothing really to miss if in fact people switch to using more of these applications instead of websites. 2017 will surely be a year where we will get to see more of these dedicated apps in action.

4. Wearable technology

The invention of smart watches and its increasing production by numerous technology companies is changing the landscape of digital marketing. Many other types of wearable technology are hitting the market. These help keep individuals connected to the online world when they are on the go. With the sale of these smart watches and other upcoming wearable technology, there is little difference left between online marketing and real marketing. For this reason, digital marketers will focus on wearable technology in 2017 and will try to uncover its potential as a marketing tool.

5. Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a term that is used to refer to the different marketing experiments that help determine the most effective methods or channel for marketing, and eventually for the growth of the business. This method is especially popular with startups that need to achieve growth during their initial launch phase or when they do not have a firm marketing background. Growth hacking will only increase in the years to come as it is a great way for digital marketers to figure out how best they can attract target audiences through different social media websites or through different means of viral marketing and targeted advertising.

6. Search algorithms

With so much information being uploaded on the internet, it should come as no surprise that search engines will continuously change their algorithms in the coming years. Same goes for 2017. Search engines have no choice but to filter through the hordes of information and to prioritize and rank websites accordingly. The only thing marketers can do is be prepared and keep their content original and helpful to the target audience.

So if you are looking to advertise your product or services online next year, keep these 6 digital marketing trends for 2017 in mind. Adopting these trends will surely bear fruit.

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Martin Wilkins is the founder and managing director of Q6 Digital. His passion for emerging technologies and eye for creative detail helps Q6 Digital's clients bridge the gap between traditional & digital marketing which results in positive marketing ROI.

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